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No way Trump will piss off the arms manufacturers. Republicans and Raytheon go hand in hand.

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If they drop support now the Ukrainian meatgrinder is exhausted it's going to be interesting how the media will spin it.

Everyone was been told Ukraine wouldn't be abandoned no matter what.

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The United Nation’s top court filed a ruling Friday that echoed what Palestinian advocates have been saying for decades: Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, including its settlements in the West Bank, is illegal and must end.

The International Court of Justice’s advisory opinion also called for reparations for Palestinians who have lived under Israel’s occupation since it began in 1967, an unprecedented step for the court.

The court also notably declared Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinians to be a form of segregation and apartheid. It further ruled that nations cannot offer aid in support of the illegal occupation without violating international law, and upheld the Palestinians’ right to self-determination.

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Oh no are Genocide Joe's feelings hurt? Poor old monster. Let's all decide to throw the election because Grandpa wants to do another 4 years.

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Boogeymode activated. Discard argumentation engage fearmongering.

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No problem Biden called them terrorists so they can Patriot Act it away.

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The 32-year-old correspondent for The Wall Street Journal newspaper is the first Western journalist in Russia to be arrested on espionage charges in post-Soviet Russia.

Gershkovich is accused by prosecutors of gathering secret information about Uralvagonzavod, a plant manufacturing tanks for Russia’s war in Ukraine, on the orders of the CIA.

The reporter, his employer and the United States government deny the allegations, saying he was just doing his job, with accreditation from Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Kremlin has provided no public evidence for the spying allegations against him, saying only that he was caught “red-handed” spying on a tank factory.

He was detained in March 2023 on a reporting trip to the Urals city of Yekaterinburg and then spent almost 16 months in Moscow’s notorious Lefortovo prison.

‘Bargaining chip'

Tensions are running extremely high between the US, Gershkovich’s birth country, and Russia, the country of origin of his parents, over Moscow’s role in the military invasion in Ukraine.

For Washington, his arrest was primarily a “bargaining chip” for Russia to secure the release of its nationals convicted abroad.

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"Sir I would like to inform you that different echo chambers such as hexbear exist where your comment would be well received".

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Remember that word for political violence?


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He wil smirk really hard and say something about Hamas bad.

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Houthis attacking all three imperial superpowers at once holy based.

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The Houthis, known as Ansar Allah, say they have declared Tel Aviv an "unsafe area" following the strike

Yemen’s Houthis seemed to claim responsibility for the attack, saying they “carried out a specific military operation, which consisted of targeting one of the important targets in the occupied Jaffa region, what is now called Israeli Tel Aviv”.

Calling their new drone “Yafa”, named after the old city, that is now part of modern-day Tel Aviv, the Houthis, known as Ansar Allah, claimed it is capable of bypassing Israel’s interception systems.

The Times of Israel report that eight people have been hospitalised following the drone explosion, which seems to have avoided detection from Israel’s defences.

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Colonists in terrorist Nazi group hold gathering and claim native country is not real and everyone should accept that because they said so

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"Oh man this is very inconvenient to the echo chamber. Please move on everyone nothing to see here"


Israel’s Knesset passed a resolution rejecting the establishment of a Palestinian state on Thursday.

The bill, co-sponsored by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition along with right-wing parties in the opposition, was passed by an overwhelming majority of 68 votes, with only nine MKs voting against it.

Benny Gantz, seen by many leaders in the West as a more moderate figure than Netanyahu, voted in favour of the bill, along with his party.

20 year old "child" (lemmy.world)
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A BBC report published on Tuesday on the killing of a disabled Palestinian man by Israel has drawn intense backlash, following what activists described as a "misleading headline" and "dehumanisation of Palestinians" amid the war in Gaza.

The British public broadcaster's news website initially ran the story with the headline "The lonely death of Gaza man with Down’s syndrome" — omitting mention of the fact that 24-year-old Muhammad Bhar was left to die by the Israeli army after a combat dog was violently set on him.

In the report, written by veteran Irish journalist Fergal Keane, the attack was not mentioned until the 16th paragraph — almost halfway through the piece.


Israel’s military has bombed another United Nations-run school as well as an Israeli-designed “safe-zone” in the Gaza Strip, killing at least 42 Palestinians and wounding dozens of others, according to Palestinian officials.

The Israeli attacks on Tuesday hit the UN’s al-Razi school in the central Nuseirat refugee camp and a main street lined with market stalls in the southern al-Mawasi area, where thousands of displaced Palestinians had sought shelter.


A lawsuit led by Palestinians and Palestinian Americans that accused President Joe Biden and other top U.S. officials of enabling genocide in Gaza was rejected Monday by a federal appeals court, which upheld a lower court’s dismissal of the lawsuit.

The three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court ruled that courts cannot review the executive branch’s decisions on foreign policy, even when there is a risk of breaking domestic and international law.

Protection (lemmy.world)

President Joe Biden, who has pledged support for Israel amid the country’s ongoing war with Hamas that has left more than 37,000 Palestinians dead, claimed in a recent interview that he’s “the guy that did more for the Palestinian community than anybody.”

The president also defended his support for the Israel — his administration approved a bill to provide $26 billion in additional wartime aid to the country in April — and called himself a Zionist. “If there weren’t an Israel, every Jew in the world would be at risk,” said Biden. “And so there’s a need for it to be strong.” He added, “By the way, I’m the guy that did more for the Palestinian community than anybody. I’m the guy that opened up all the assets. I’m the guy that made sure that – I got the Egyptians to open the border to let goods through, medicine, and food,” Biden said. “I have been very supportive of the Palestinians, but Hamas, they’re a bunch of thugs.”

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