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I'm Schedule A, have a few letters of recommendation, have my resume, and I'm getting my Bachelor's degree in Communications in one month. I'm Latino or Latina (?) so I guess there's some DEI service I can utilize.

...I can't fucking wait. I need a job. I need income. I need a fucking car or transportation. I need to move from this place.

It's Joever, folks... for Makan, ig? Idk, I had to squeeze in the current lingo there. But as the Joe(ker) himself said, the four-letter word on everyone's minds is "Jobs! J-O-B-S!" (Yeah, I had to Segway to an old Biden gaffe there, you see).

Anyway, I'm not anti-work, like what they have on that subreddit... and I've never exactly been "neutral" on work either.

I'm "pro-work," if anything. I want a career. I want a job or role I can take pride in. I'm disabled, yes. I'm Autistic, among other things. But gosh darnit to frick (I know, I know, naughty and vulgar language), I need a job. Maybe a union job with LiUNA or whatever. But I need a job.

But for the life of me, I suck at job-hunting.

I'm not sure what details to give to you all, but I need pointers on how to land a job, maybe you can all tell me how you were able to do it (...assuming you did, mind you)?

I just need advice...


I probably donated 10 years of idle CPU time between 2005 to 2015.


I just want to kill some time, I like simple arcade style games that aren't using scummy corporate sales tactics to get me to play every day

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Hey Lemmy! I'm ashamed to admit I haven't yet quit Google Docs. I think I should especially since I got a lot of documents which I really have no reason to keep online, I've been doing so out of lazyness as I'm used to GDocs and its ease of use.

I'm looking for a text editor that lets me paste images straight from my clipboard into the documents, this is a must for my workflow.

Another feature I use a lot is the side menu/index, which is created automatically when I insert a header and lets me jump quickly to any part of my document.

With that in mind, the search function is also essential, I need this to either have a search bar or work with ctl+F

Of course I need some basic color and font size variation, and having the ability to create tables is handy but I don't need any kind of math functionality.

I could use Libre Office but I'm looking for something bare bones and lightweight. I haven't used LO in years so it may have changed, however from memory it's pretty well fleshed out and I find all the extra features distracting especially since I don't need them. I'm not sure though, perhaps I'm wrong and you can convince me?

Have you got any suggestions? TIA

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I've noticed and I've never really understood why that when you buy any meat that is crumbed from a butcher in Australia, it is always or nearly always yellow in colour.

Why do they do this and where does the yellow colour come from?


I guess this could have just been a shower thought as well...


After I'd read that the Trump shooter had looked at photos of Trump and Biden and their upcoming speech locations and the fact that the shooter was a lone wolf and bullied at school, I read part of the Wikipedia page about the Uvalde shooting . The Uvalde shooter also was a lone wolf and also used an AR-15. My thoughts right now are like this :

  • The lone wolfs probably have suffered badly from an inferior complex due to bullying and alienation
    and wanted to do something which made them feel historically "significant" instead of feeling completely"useless".

  • The US appears to have a pretty dominant machismo culture (Think about GOP with their MAGA, it is humiliating for women and minority groups) and so-called snowflakes are looked down upon. This is very bad for everyone involved.

  • Cops are afraid of citizens having an AR-15 on them.

What can be done ?

  • Should vote with our wallets ? Like stop using exTwitter now that Elon Musk has publicly shown support for Trump ? (On Mastodon I've seen many comments about people that did cancel their subscription to the New York Times and that seemed to have some effect. Finally the NYT is posting more critical articles about Trump and Project 2025.)

  • Should people talk more often to each other and avoid alienation ? In books of Gabor Maté he talks about the fact that most people in society look down on hard drug addicts but these junkies are still human beings. And the same goes for homeless people and refugees of course. They are still human beings. No need to automatically view them as inferior beings, right ?

  • Should we limit our screen time on mobile phones ? Are we silently producing a sort of zombies that cannot think for themselves anymore ? Should tech companies be obliged to make phone apps less addictive ?

  • Should mobile phone usage during class in school be forbidden ?

  • Should we promote exchange projects as part of cultural improvement ? Like say 50 people from Congo Republic in Africa swap places with 50 people from California for 1 year, and then after swapping back talk about the experiences.

  • Should we in our education system or during leisure time educate people more on what happened in World War II and what we can still learn from that ? For example the book by Umberto Eco about how to recognize a fascist ( Ur-Fascism ) could be used.

    • Should bullying at school be pro-actively approached and make victims and bullies talk to each other under professional supervision ?
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I am looking for online master degrees and came across TECH, with an incredibly granular offering and excellent reviews in sites like Trustpilot or Emagister. Their prices are also very competitive.

The more I tried to find information about them, the shadier things looked. The vast majority of the opinions about them are very favourable (suspiciously so), but some are straight up scam accusations. No middle ground.

Has anyone had first hand experience with them?

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If not favorite, ones that touched you in some way.

I'll start by mentioning some movies from my mother tongue(Malayalam of Kerala, India):

  • Mumbai Police
    A crime thriller (Came out almost 2 decades ago n was very striking for the time)
  • KammaraSambhavam
    Political/Historic satire/drama (The main actor has some cases on him, but the movie is quite good)
  • Kathavasheshan
  • Devasuram
    Conservative sigma male upper class Kerala dude getting character development. I really liked how the transformation happened in it
  • Maheshinte Parthikaaram (Mahesh's Revenge)
    Not an action movie.

From my country, but not in my mother tongue:

  • Super Deluxe - A Tamil movie that I recently watched, quite unique
  • Enthiran (Robot), a Tamil movie
    Has over the top stuff, but is fun to watch
  • Viduthalai(Liberation), another Tamil movie
  • Agent Vinod - A Hindi spy-comedy movie

The anime that I like are Hunter x Hunter, Parasyte, Samurai Flamenco, Gintama.


Lets say you get abducted by aliens.

They inform you that they want to make contact with human individuals, not the entire humanity. They have a limited telepathy and can "scan" for human mental traits like spiritualistic / non-spiritualistic, artistic / non-artistic, introverted / extroverted, anxious / chill, low / med / high IQ, technology oriented, business savvy, mathematically gifted, socially gifted, scientific, etc.

They want you to define traits that would make encounters go smoothly and be representative of humans.

Without knowing anything about those aliens or their interests. What is your answer?


My upstairs neighbors seem to like clog dancing at 2am. What would you do?

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as of today I noticed I can't access my plex server at all when on my work's wifi. But if i swtich to 4g i can watch plex just fine. But obviously mobile data isn't truly unlimited high speed. And yes I only watch shit on my break. I have remote access enabled etc. Not sure what I can do?

Update: turns out I'm an idiot and my HD bay was turned off hence why I couldn't get into my plex/media. Now I can view it all just fine at work.


Prompt questions:

What do you do for work, or what are you studying towards

Musical recommendations (bonus points for metal)

Useless tidbit you know (bonus points for citing sources)

Best meal you've had

Best place you've visited

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The dormant person feeling is a feeling I find myself having on the Internet often. Casually browsing the Internet, I find myself reading through threads and websites that don't look like they've been updated since 2009, or 2010, or ${currentYear - 10}. Profiles that haven't posted in so long either.

When I see just how long ago their last activity was, it gives me the feeling, which I can only describe as a mix of concern, curiosity, and empathy. In my head, I go "I wonder how they are doing now", and "are they alive and well?". Sometimes I find myself "investigating" them or looking them up to see if they are still alive just so I can satiate this feeling of mine.

Do other people experience the dormant person feeling too? Is it wrong to have such a feeling? But hey, if I feel the dormant person feeling, it does show that I do have empathy for strangers, a good quality, I suppose.


There’s so many models and companies these days and hard to know what’s quality and refills won’t cost an arm and a leg, or what long term will last at least half a decade. Previously went with Inkjet printers, but I’m done with them since I rarely print photos. TIA for any recommendations and thoughts on your experiences on this!

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So according to Merriam Webster bread is: a usually baked and leavened food made of a mixture whose basic constituent is flour or meal

And cake is: A: a breadlike food made from a dough or batter that is usually fried or baked in small flat shapes and is often unleavened B: a sweet baked food made from a dough or thick batter usually containing flour and sugar and often shortening, eggs, and a raising agent (such as baking powder)

And yet some people don't think that cake is bread.

What's your opinion?

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However I find myself being disagreed with quite often, mostly for not advocating or cheering violence, "by any means possible" change, or revolutionary tactics. It would seem that I'm not viewed as authentically holding my view unless I advocate extreme, violent, or radical action to accomplish it.

Those seem like two different things to me.



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Looking at France panicking because 2 weeks after snap election there isn't a clear majority, nor a coalition ready to propose a prime-minister to the president. What would be the standard time to do these negotiations in a functional democracy where doing coalition is common but doesn't take years (so US and Belgium do not coun :) )

EDIT : Need not Name

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