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If Donald Trump is re-elected president in November, a coalition of more than 50 right-wing organizations known as Project 2025 will be ready with a plug-and-play plan for him to follow, starting with a database of potential administration appointees carefully vetted by coalition members; an online “Presidential Administration Academy” run by coalition members to school new appointees; and a 920-page policy platform called Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise.

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A circuit judge, an appellate court and the Missouri Supreme Court agree that a woman whose murder conviction was overturned should be free after 43 years in prison.

Yet Sandra Hemme is still behind bars, leaving her lawyers and legal experts puzzled.

“I’ve never seen it,” said Michael Wolff, a former Missouri Supreme Court judge and professor and dean emeritus of Saint Louis University Law School. “Once the courts have spoken, the courts should be obeyed.”

The lone holdup to freedom for the 64-year-old woman is opposition from Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, who has filed court actions seeking to force her to serve additional years for decades-old prison assault cases. The warden at the Chillicothe Correctional Center has declined to let Hemme go, based on Bailey’s actions.

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A Seattle police officer has been fired for making callous remarks about the death of a graduate student from India after she was struck last year by another officer's vehicle in a crosswalk.

Seattle interim police Chief Sue Rahr fired Officer Daniel Auderer on Wednesday for the comments he made in the hours after the January 2023 death of Jaahnavi Kandula, CBS affiliate KIRO-TV reported.

Rahr wrote in a departmentwide email sent Wednesday that it was her duty to uphold the high standards necessary to maintain public trust, and said Auderer's actions "have brought shame on the Seattle Police Department and our entire profession, making the job of every police officer more difficult."

Her decision came after Gino Betts Jr., the civilian director of the Office of Police Accountability, recommended that Auderer be terminated for unprofessional conduct and showing bias in recorded statements.

The office previously found Auderer's behavior was biased and unprofessional, KIRO-TV reported. Betts described the officer's words as "derogatory, disturbing and inhumane."

Mayor Bruce Harrell, in a statement issued Wednesday afternoon, said he supported Rahr's decision. He and the chief acknowledged it is likely to be appealed and lead to arbitration, and potentially affect the department's efforts to end more than a decade of federal oversight of officer accountability.

"This incident damaged the public trust we have been working to strengthen since Day One of my administration," Harrell said.

Auderer is the elected vice president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, which represents roughly 900 rank-and-file officers. An email sent to the guild from The Associated Press seeking comment was not immediately returned. "Cruel and callous"

In a disciplinary action report laying out the reasons for her decision, Rahr said in Auderer's presentation at the disciplinary hearing he acknowledged that his words were hurtful, was "horrified" to know what they meant to the young woman's family, and he wished he could bear their pain. He closed with a "heartfelt apology," the chief wrote.

As she considered this, however, she told him "your cruel and callous laughter" and the pain inflicted on Kandula's family could not be outweighed. Auderer has been an officer since 2009 and Rahr also said she received a number of letters of support for Auderer from his co-workers.



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In a historic ruling the International Court of Justice has found multiple and serious international law violations by Israel towards Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including, for the first time, finding Israel responsible for apartheid. The court has placed responsibility with all states and the United Nations to end these violations of international law. The ruling should be yet another wake up call for the United States to end its egregious policy of defending Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and prompt a thorough reassessment in other countries as well.

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U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris will talk to major Democratic donors on Friday, according to a source familiar with the call, after President Joe Biden said he planned to return to the campaign trail next week even as more lawmakers called for him to step aside.

"She’s doing the call at the direct request of senior advisers to the president," the person said.

The call was first reported by The New York Times, which said it was not immediately clear what message Harris planned to deliver to the network of donors on the 30-minute call that was arranged on short notice.

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The former senior manager of special operations for eBay Inc.’s. global security team was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Boston for his role in a cyberstalking campaign that included sending a preserved fetal pig, a bloody pig Halloween mask and a book on surviving the loss of a spouse to a Massachusetts couple’s home.

Brian Gilbert, 56, of San Jose, Calif., was sentenced by U.S. Senior District Court Judge William Young to time served, one year of supervised release provided that he has no contact with either of the victims, and a $20,000 fine.

Gilbert and others targeted David and Ina Steiner, investigators said. The couple produced an online newsletter called EcommerceBytes that upset eBay executives with its coverage.

Gilbert is one of seven now-former eBay employees and contractors on the company’s security team who were charged and ultimately convicted for their roles in the cyberstalking campaign.

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The Court was responding to a request for an advisory opinion by the General Assembly on the legal consequences arising from the policies and practices of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.

The advisory from the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ) is a legal opinion provided by the Court on questions of international law.

Unlike judgments in contentious cases between States, advisory opinions are non-binding and are sought by United Nations bodies such as the General Assembly or the Security Council.

While not legally binding, advisory opinions can shape international policies, increase moral pressure, and unilateral measures adopted by individual States such as sanctions.

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The Democratic National Committee is forging ahead with a virtual roll call to pick the party’s presidential nominee, even as a steady stream of congressional Democrats called for Joe Biden to exit the race.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and Leah Daughtry, co-chairs of the committee, along with DNC staff, argued that the virtual roll call vote is necessary to prevent any potential Republican-backed legal challenges for ballot access in Ohio. Former White House counsel Dana Remus, who is advising the DNC on the issue, called the virtual roll call the “wisest, most prudent course,” otherwise it would “[leave] the door open to a potential legal challenge and that’s a risk.”

“How significant of a risk? Well, it’s hard to say,” Remus said. “People certainly disagree, and reasonably disagree — but it is a risk, and if we can avoid it, we should.”


In the wake of the attempted assassination, Trump’s campaign messaging continued undeterred, casting immigrants as the source of violence in the United States. Yet the shooting that left Trump with an injured ear was allegedly committed by someone who fits the typical profile of perpetrators of targeted violence — a young, white man described by some former classmates as a bullied loner. The suspect Thomas Matthew Crooks was registered to vote in Pennsylvania, and only citizens may register.

“Targeted violence is often done by angry people who don’t have well thought out narratives but are more impulsive and idiosyncratic,” said Brian Levin, founder of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at CSU San Bernardino.

He said said most targeted violence is committed by young, white men in their teens and early 20s. Studies show immigrants commit less crime than U.S.-born citizens.

Using data collected between 2012 and 2018 from the Texas Department of Public Safety, researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that undocumented immigrants had substantially lower crime rates than native-born citizens across a number of felony offenses including violent crimes, drug crimes and property crimes.

A similar study by Alex Nowrasteh at the Libertarian Cato Institute found that undocumented immigrants had a homicide rate 14% below that of native-born citizens. Texas is the only state to keep data on the immigration status of people arrested for specific crimes.

Ran Abramitzky, a Stanford University professor who helped lead a nationally representative study comparing incarceration rates among immigrants and U.S.-born citizens from 1870 to 2020, recently told The Times that “as a group, immigrants have had lower incarceration rates than the U.S.-born for 150 years.”

But political fear mongering isn’t responsive to facts, Levin said, which is why the GOP will continue blaming immigrants for violent crime.

Archived at https://web.archive.org/web/20240718172709/https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2024-07-18/trump-shooting-republican-campaign-immigrants-migrants-violent-dangerous

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More must be done to identify companies participating in labor transfer schemes, in particular outside of the Uyghur Region, the Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region, says.

The Coalition is joint force of civil society organisations and trade unions united to end state-sponsored forced labour and other egregious human rights abuses against people from the Uyghur Region in China, known to local people as East Turkistan.

While the coalition welcomes regulations by the U.S. administration aimed to end the state-sponsored forced labor of Uyghur and other Turkic and Muslim-majority peoples in supply chains such as the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), it says that "more must be done to identify companies participating in labor transfer schemes, in particular outside of the Uyghur Region", writes Charlotte Tate, Advocacy Lead for the Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region.

  • There is growing evidence that Chinese government-led programs to transport Uyghurs to other parts of China, where the working conditions strongly indicate forced labor, are increasing.

  • Recent research has documented the government’s increased efforts to forcibly transfer Uyghurs outside of the Region, finding that in 2023, “Xinjiang significantly expanded the scale of the Pairing Assistance program, which facilitates cross-provincial labor transfers, aiming to increase transfers to other Chinese regions by 38 percent—levels exceeding those of any year since the mid-2010s.”

  • In the context of government control and coercion that Uyghurs and other Turkic and Muslim-majority peoples are experiencing in China, all state-sponsored labor transfers from the Uyghur Region should be considered coerced labor by companies. Individuals who refuse the government’s requirements risk being arbitrarily detained, along with their families.

  • An investigation published by the Outlaw Ocean Project into the seafood industry, which was recently added as a high-priority sector for enforcement, found that over 1,000 Uyghurs were placed in at least 10 seafood processing facilities after being forcibly transferred thousands of miles from the Uyghur Region.

  • This investigation found those same companies imported over 47,000 tons of seafood into the U.S. between 2018 and 2023. However, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can only apply the UFLPA to future shipments if those seafood processors are included on the UFLPA Entity List, which may come as a surprise to some.

  • "Increasing UFLPA enforcement efforts on labor transfers outside of the Uyghur Region would send a strong signal to importers that they must focus attention beyond direct sourcing from the area," Tate says.

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