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Having just set her second Apple x A24 collaboration, reality TV inspired murder-mystery The Wives, Oscar-winning actor Jennifer Lawrence is gearing up to work with A24 again already. Today, the company behind Everything Everywhere All At Once and Civil War announced that they've optioned the rights to Paul B. Rainey's 2023 graphic novel Why Don't You Love Me?, with Lawrence set to star and produce, and Robert Funke (On Becoming A God In Central Florida) on script duties.

Presented in an old-fashioned, newspaper style black-and-white strip format, Rainey's graphic novel follows unhappily married couple Claire and Mark. She's depressed, he's anxiety-addled, and at the head of every page the question repeats: Why don't you love me? It's a well observed if pretty grim take on modern life throughout its first half, but a killer Hail Mary of a twist mid-way through (no spoilers here!) leaves you reassessing everything that's come before. As pairings of source material and production banner go, Why Don't You Love Me? and A24's is, ironically, a marriage made in heaven.

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I never liked Jennifer Lawrence until I saw No Hard Feelings. Just the sheer balls it took for that performance. And it was fucking hilarious to boot. She earned my respect for that role.

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