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We are still working on the technology there. You still have to buy more than one slice per package.

Not a lot more, but...

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Thank you. I've added AI and I'm calling them AIpples.

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That is the second time you have violated the civility rule. I would not suggest doing it a third time.

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These Triremies are all over Lemmy these days.

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Does being ridiculous come naturally to you?

Why yes, I worked professionally in comedy for many years.

your white liberalism-derived hysteria

I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.

Ask Vietnamese people how quickly China can turn on it’s “allies.” I’m sure they will be glad to tell you.

You once again are telling me that all Vietnamese people think exactly the same thing including the babies. Which is pretty bigoted. Are you sure that is the stance you are taking here?

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It still won't help. They know anyone who has student loans to repay isn't rich.

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They do get slaves in Dubai though, so that might be a draw for some of them.

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Sure. Next you'll be saying the same about apples. Or some other silly claim like the thick outer layer on an apple can be eaten.

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Let me check to see if I give a shit. I may be some time.

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And because they were invaded by China during the Cold War, they all agree that China isn't going to substantially aid Russia in their invasion of Ukraine?

All 98 million of them? Even the babies?

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Sure, but that's not what people were worrying about at the time, which was my point.

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So before it was a magazine? Because this is issue 1 and there's a reason there's a photo of John Lennon dressed as a soldier in an anti-war film on the front page of its inaugural issue in 1967.

Make up your minds! (lemmy.world)

I love the Internet Archive so much.


Also, it's remarkably giant caveman-proof.


Even if you don't want to make it, I've never been in a supermarket that doesn't offer a fresher option. I've even been in gas stations that offer what they at least claim is fresh potato salad.

Maybe if you really, really wanted potato salad and you were in a food desert but the corner 7-11 has canned potato salad you might buy it, but I've never seen this before in my life.

I don't get it.

Sounds familiar... (lemmy.world)
Ernesto (lemmy.world)
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