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(sorry -- first thing that popped into my head).

It is a utopia (lemmy.world)
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The tumblr part adds 2000 notes :)


Cross cultural misunderstandings can be hilarious

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In his defence -- look at society.

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The first time I saw "The Force Awakens" my entire review was "this is just the original three films slammed together into one film"

Which translates to me not being that impressed.

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As a fun thought experiment -- to get £1bn someone would have to give you £1 per second EVERY SECOND for 32 years.

No one needs that much money. And anyone who says they do, or anyone who defends someone who does, really needs to adjust their point of view.

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I think you have to find the line where revenge can do more harm than good, and where revenge is just going to end the arc (so to speak)

In Montoya's case it brings the killing to an end, because The Count (as far as we know) has no one to miss him, no one to seek vengeance for him and no one to get pissed that he is dead. So when Montoya stabs him that's it -- The Count is dead, Montoya's need for vengeance is satisfied and the story is done.

But if you go to something like Romeo and Juliet (or West Side Story because I can remember the character names), then getting revenge there just causes the cycle of violence to continue.

Bernardo stabs Riff. Tony stabs Bernardo. Chico goes looking for Tony, and eventually shoots him. And then -- at the end, the two gangs want revenge.

Now clearly if Maria kills Chico for him shooting Tony, it won't bring Tony back, but it will cause more anger in The Sharks.

And if The Jets kill Chico for shooting Tony, then it won't bring Tony back, but it will cause more anger in The Sharks.

And if The Sharks get revenge for Bernardo's death by taking out Ice, then it won't bring back Bernardo, but...... you get the idea.

Which is why Maria says "no", and tells them to let it go. She might loathe Chico and want him to pay for Tony's death, but killing him won't help.

I grew up with West Side Story and Xena, so I am more on the "don't kill people for revenge" side of things.

Not that I am saying Montoya was in the wrong, of course :)

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Okay -- that was all so sweet, and so adorable, and then the last line just made me burst out laughing :)

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Yeah -- I am not a good person.

My first thought was "use a sniper rifle to shoot the cat. Then take the key off its cold, dead corpse"

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International Men's Day -- 19th of November.


Talk to each other. Don't let someone go through their life alone.

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6 meg is still less than 10 meg right? I am not doing the maths wrong, am I?

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