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Smithers ... You ... Are ... Really ... Good ... At... Turning me on.

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Shaka when the walls fell


I'd say Simpsons, because it has probably the largest base of useful quotes.

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Nightmares beyond human comprehension like something out of a video game character creator with lots of liberty but even weirder and then probably the default settings again.

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It seems like it's been a while since you last checked in with BONTO! We'd love your feedback on how we can improve. Log in to get started!

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Edward Teller is just the kind of scientist you need to build civil engineering projects out of doomsday devices.

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The people over at NCD must be getting raging hardons just from seeing this.

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This is what CRISPR was invented for

O Yea (lemmy.world)
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This, but I want the voice command changed to "Go go gadget genitalia"

Heathens! (lemmy.world)
Fährt überall hin (lemmy.world)
Alfredo Durstoccini (lemmy.world)
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I like Martin Luther's polemic about relics: "How many pieces of the true cross are there in the world? How many thorns from Christ's crown of thorns? How many nails from the crucifixion? There are enough nails to shoe all the horses in Saxony. And if all the relics of the saints were gathered together, there would be enough bones to build a ship and enough wood to boil all the water in the sea."

In that sense it's one of Mary Magdalene's many heads.

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Angelo, the house is on fire! No mother it's just the northern lights

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The bikepacking community sometimes feels more like a gear flaunting contest than a fun outdoor sport. Particularly amusing are 90kg men obsessing over a 10kg bike to save weight.

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I am all for billionaires facing consequences for their actions. The death penalty is still deeply immoral though. Locking financial criminals up like for example the American state did with Martin Shkreli or Sam Bankman-Fried though is completely o.K. and should happen more often.

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